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Creatures – magic the gathering

Ally – Creature subme. Most creature types describe a species or a profession, the Ally type describes creatures that are capable of working together to create powerful effects. Amplify (?) – Allows players to reveal a number of cards (from their hand) that share a type with the card being cast to place that number […]

Magic the Gathering

See de?nitions section. Static – See de?nitions section. As always, I have used my own wording whenever possible to make these concepts as clear as possible. Due to the exacting nature of the rules of the game this is not always possible. For the most concise rules I recommend viewing Wizard’s of?cial documentation online at […]

Magic: The Adept’s Addendum: Keywords and Abilities

Addendum Arrangement Magic is always changing, every new expert level expansion bloc contains new keywords and abilities and it can be challenging to keep up with all of the new terminology. Here you will ?nd a list of past and present keywords with their meanings and notes about how they function in-game, as well as […]

Cheating with foils and card orientation

Foils are slightly thicker than regular cards, more stiff and are usually a bit curved. Even with sleeves it’s possible to tell if a face down card is foil by looking at it or feeling/bending it a bit. (is there a legitimate situation where you could be given the chance to feel/bend a card that’s […]

Introduction of Magic the Gathering Strategy

Magic the Gathering is an amazing game to play. At it’s core it’s a game of stratergy, planning and execution. If your deck is weak in Stratergyand you haven’t planned correctly you’ll never be able to execute a good game. If you’re reading this,, then you’ve taken it upon yourself to learn how to become […]

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