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Every part of a Magic the Gathering (MTG) card

Card name is at the left side of Top line.

Manna Cost
Mann cost is at the right side of Top line.

Type shows cards are “Creature,” “Enchantment,” “Artifact,” “Sorcery,” “Instant,” and “Land.”. If it’s “Creature”, it’s Creature Type will print beside, to describe the Creature.

Expansion Symbol
It shows the expansion of the card, There are 4 color of the symbol, which means how “rare” the card is. Black&White = common, silver = uncommon, gold = rare, orange-red = mythic rare.

Text Box (textbox)
What a card is capable of is written here.

Collector’s Number
Shows the place of a card in the set. Helps players to collect the full set.

Each card has a special frame, with number inside. It shows Power and Toughness. Power of a Creature (1st number) means the damage it can cause in battle. Toughness (2nd number) means how many attacks can terminate the creature. But some may have an “X” or “*” to show a value that’s either set when it’s played, or it can change when playing.



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