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FAQ of websiteguys mtg magic cards order

1) How to place my order ? I did not see any links to pay.
Re: WSG(websiteguys) order instructions: 3 Steps
Step 1: Choose Cards, Sets, and Shipping, with the excel:
our google excel spreadsheet file contains both preset lists and customizable single cards list and price, check here
Please click this link, then download it then edit it,
You just need to write down the numbers at “number” column,
Please send back to me by email attachment after fill in the excel. (websiteguys@outlook.com)
If you don’t understand, please shoot email to websiteguys@outlook.com

2) What is your buyer protection policy ?
Re: If your package does not arrive, then we will give you a 100% refund.
If the card quality is not as described, then contact us. Either partial refund you and you keep the cards,
or return back the cards to get refund. Either way, paypal buyer protection policy is the best in the world.

3) Can I check any customer reviews/feedback about your mtg cards ?
Re: Scroll down our website homepage, you will see a “Review Zone”.

4) What is your cards quality level ? Do they pass any tests ? What material made?
Re: Our cards are Kitchen Table and FNM playable, and some are even GP (Grand Prix) playable.
Made by German imported black core paper,mass produced by Heidelberg Printer.
Pass bend test, rip test, waterproof test. And no proxies can pass 100% light test.
Our cards pass about 80% light test !

5)what’s the difference between 6th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen, 10th gen 11th gen?
Re: No such big difference. They all use the same paper material, same Heidelberg Machine,same production process,
It’s just the 11th gen is the latest new launched, time closer to the moment you are reading !
And if it’s the same preset list but different generation, then the new generation fixed/improved some known bug of previous old gen.

6) Which countries do we ship to?
Re: We ship to all countries except China ( including HK )

7) When did you start to make mtg proxies ? Any company roadmap ?
Re: WebsiteGuys Milestones:
Established on 2011.
White core cards rocked on ebay,etsy,shopify from 2011 to 2015.
ebay stores got shut by wotc on 2016, WSG Black core paper cards was born to earth.
Hologram/foil stamp cards are available from Sep 4th,2017

Foil cards and holofoil cards are ready from May 15th,2018
WSG expanded the “MP list Pool” from 192 to 495 different cards, since May 28th,2018
WSG expanded the “MP list Pool” from 495 to 673 different cards, since Jun 11th,2018
WSG expanded the “MP list Pool” from 673 to 691 different cards, since Sep 27th,2018
WSG expanded the “MP list Pool” from 691 to 713 different cards, since Dec 29th,2018

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