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Magic the Gathering Proxies MTG Proxy mtg cards for GP

This is homepage of our mtgproxycards website,
We are Professional mtg proxies (magic the gathering proxies) manufacturer & seller
We Can do all mtg cards, contact seller for any questions.

If you want cards for tournament play, FNM.  You’d better buy the black core paper made high quality version.

4th Anniversary Super Deal came !! Valid From Mar 31th to Apr 4th Only.
Super Deal Discount price: $2.3 / $2.8 / $3.2 / $4.9 each depends on regular/holo/foil/holofoil for buyer’s own listed singles.
(Before Super deal, it’s $2.5 / $4.5 / $6.5 each)
Preset list price is $45/$55/$65 each list, depends on regular/holo/foil list
(Before Super deal, it’s $55 / $75 / $95 each)
And buy 3 sets get 1 set free, buy 5 sets get 3 sets free.

For further more details if you are interested to know,
you could find at the top horizontal menu of this page by yourself,
or you could send email to mtgproxycards@outlook.com
or chat with us online instantly (the right corner instant chatting tool there).
or you could find out at below 9 individual pages. 

13 Preset lists details

1034 single available cards to choose — spreadsheet file

Price details

How to place an order ?

Video demos of our mtg proxy cards

HD physical photos

New Arrivals


Customers’ feedbacks / suggestions collection zone

If you never bought mtg proxies, don’t worry, you can send email to mtgproxycards@outlook.com
Support sample order for 1 or 2, or 3 cards as you wish, to check quality first before buying more with confidence.

Why mtg proxies players always choose our proxy cards to play at FNM / LGS even GP ?
1. We’re the largest mtg proxies manufacturer on this planet, we can proxy all mtg cards, even the latest new set that just got launched by wotc.
We can do foil cards, holofoil cards, hologram cards, holostamp cards, nonfoil nonholo cards.
2. Our cards pass all those tests like rip test, bend test, waterproof test, light test.
3. Our cards are made by Germany-produced black core paper, the thickness is about 0.29mm, weight about 1.9g each card.
exactly the same thickness and weight like originals with a maximum 5% tolerance only.
4. Our cards are mass-printed by Heidelburg Printer (imported from Germany, value $1.1 Million USD).
5. Our cards artwork are 1:1 original cards super HD scans, full mtg artwork database.
6. Our cutting machine are imported from Japan, make sure perfect size cutting, good center cut
(some original mtg cards are horrible misaligned, some wotc holostamp cards are awfully stamped.)

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