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is it ok to use Magic the Gathering proxies

is it ok to use Magic the Gathering proxies?
Magic the Gathering proxies cards were used on formal tournament at the first. For players who had very valuable cards, but does not wish to damage it during playing. So with agreement of the judge and the other player, proxies mtg cards are used instead of original. This help prevent many valuable cards from damage of multiple time using. A well protected card, worth much more than a damaged one in trading market.

After a few years, Magic the gathering cards gets more and more, but those powerful, and rare cards, only a few of them have been seen in games. And price goes up more than 10 times. This is a very unpleasant situation, for most player who wish to try a better combo, but can never afford the crazy price.

Therefore, some local community started to allow players play with proxies without original cards. These proxies are made high quality, good enough for players to enjoy the game. And most players respect the note “never use unless proxies allowed”.

Step by step, more and more players accept proxies, and some even design new proxies cards, with totally different function from original cards, and different design as well. Some called alter art proxies mtg cards.
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