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Legends, Tlie Abyss, Rare THE DARK (mtg proxy cards, proxy mtg cards, magic proxies)

Release Date: 8/8/94
Set Size: 119 Cards (35 Rares, 44 Uncommons, 40 Commons)

Expansion Symbol:

Expansion Code: DRK
Languages: English, Italian
  Set overview: Wizards experimented with a dark theme with The
Dark, a set centered around religious persecution and horror. This type of
setting wouldn't be fully re-examined for nearly two decades, until it was
moved to a different world and done (much better) as Innistrad.
  Key cards include Blood Moon, Maze of Ith, and Preacher.

            The Dark Rare

CARD                   English Price Italian Price
Apprentice Wizard      S5            S2.50        
Ball Lightning         S35           S22          
Bari's Cage            S2            S1.50        
Blood Moon             S90           S60          
City of Shadows        S30           S20          
Cleansing              S15           S10          
Dance of Many          S4            S2           
Eternal Flame          S12           S6           
Exorcist               S20           S14          
Frankenstein's Monster S12           S7           
Goblin Wizard          S50           S25          
Grave Robbers          S15           S11          
Hidden Path            S10           S7           
Inferno                S3            S2.25        
Knights of Thorn    Sio   S6   
Leviathan           S5    S3   
Lurker              S6    S3   
Mana Clash          S2    S1.50
AI ana Vortex       S35   S    
Martyr's Cry        S12   S8   
Mind Bomb           §4    S2   
Nameless Race       Sio   S5   
Niall Silvain       S8    S3   
Preacher            S60   S30  
Psychic Allergy     S6    S3   
Rag Man             S2.50 S2   
Safe Haven          S6    S3   
Scanvood Bandits    S8    S4   
Season of the Witch S15   S9   
Sorrow's Path       Sio   S5   
Stone Calendar      S20   S8   
Tracker             Sio   S5   
Witch Hunter        S2.50 S2   
Worms of the Earth  S8    S4   
Wormwood Treefolk   S8    S3
The Dark Uncommon

CARD                 English Price Italian Price
Amnesia              S3            S2.25        
Angry Mob            S0.25         S0.25        
Banshee              S0.25         S0.25        
Blood of the Martyr  $0.35         S0.25        
Bone Flute           S0.25         S0.25        
Book of Rass         S0.50         S0.25        
Brothers of Fire     S0.25         S0.25        
Cave People          S0.25         S0.25        
Coal Golem           S0.25         S0.25        
Curse Artifact       S0.25         S0.25        
Dark Sphere          S3            S2.25        
Diabolic Machine     S0.25         S0.25        
Eater of the Dead    S12           S9           
Electric Eel         $0.35         S0.25        
Elves of Deep Shadow S8            S6           
Fasting              S0.25         S0.25        
Fellwar Stone        S12           S8           
Fire and Brimstone   S0.25         S0.25        
Fire Drake           S0.25         S0.25        
Flood                S0.50         S0.25        
Fountain of Youth    S0.25         S0.25        
Living Armor         S0.25         S0.25        
Maze of Ith          S30           S22.50       
I erf oik Assassin   S0.50         S0.25        
Necropolis           S0.25         S0.25        
Orc General          S0.25         S0.25        
People of the Woods  S0.35         S0.25        
Reflecting Mirror    S0.25         S0.25        
Runesword            S0.25         S0.25        
Scarecrow            S0.50         S0.50        
Scarwood Hag         S0.25         S0.25        
Sisters of the Flame S0.25         S0.25        
Skull of Orm         S3            S2.25        

The Dark, Maze of Ith, Uncommon, S30 English; $22.50 Italian・

            The Dark Common

CARD                   English Price Italian Price
Ashes to Ashes         S0.25         S0.15        
Bog Imp                S0.15         S0.15        
Bog Rats               S0.15         S0.15        
Brainwash              S0.15         S0.15        
Carnivorous Plant      S0.15         S0.15        
Dark Heart of the Wood S0.25         S0.15        
Deep Water             S0.15         S0.15        
Drowned                S0.15         S0.15        
Dust to Dust           S3            S0.75        
Erosion                S0.15         S0.15        
Festival               S0.15         S0.15        
Fissure                S0.25         S0.15        
Gaea's Touch           S1.50         S1.25        
Ghost Ship             S0.15         S0.15        
Giant Shark            S0.25         S0.15        
Goblin Caves           S0.25         S0.15        
Goblin Digging Team    S0.15         S0.15        
Goblin Hero            S0.15         S0.15        
Goblin Rock Sled       S0.15         S0.15        
Goblin Shrine          S0.15         S0.15        
Goblins of the Flarg   S0.15         S0.15        
Holy Light             S4            Si           
Inquisition            S0.15         S0.15        
Land Leeches           S0.15         S0.15        
Marsh Gas              S0.15         S0.15        
Marsh Goblins          S0.15         S0.15        
Marsh Viper            S0.15         S0.15        
Miracle Worker         S0.15         S0.15        
Morale                 S0.15         S0.15        
Murk Dwellers          S0.15         S0.15        
Pikemen                S0.15         S0.15        
Riptide                S0.15         S0.15        
Savaen Elves           S0.15         S0.15        
Scanvood Goblins S0.15 S0.15
Scavenger Folk   S0.25 S0.15
Squire           S0.25 S0.15
Sunken City      S0.15 S0.15
Venom            S0.15 S0.15
Water Wurm       S0.15 S0.15
Word of Binding  S0.15 S0.15

                FALLEN EMPIRES

Release Date: 11/4/94
Set Size: 187 Cards (36 Rares, 30 Uncommons, 121 Commons)

Expansion Symbol:

Expansion Code: FEM
Language: English
  Set overview: Fallen Empires was the first stumbling block for Magic.
The set was overproduced, and the majority of good cards were at
Common, meaning that people didn't need to open many packs to get the
cards they wanted to play with. As a result, the set tanked prett\r hard.

            Fallen Empires Rare

CARD                Price
Aeolipile           Si   
Balm of Restoration Si   
Bottomless Vault    Si   
Conch Horn          Si   
Delif s Cube        Si   
Derelor             S0.50
Draconian Cylix     Si   
Dwarven Armorer     Si   
Dwarven Hold        S0.75
Ebon Praetor        Si   



Vodalian Soldiers (Richard Kane-Ferguson)




Release Date: 10/13/95
Set Size: 140 Cards (43 Rates, 46 Uncommons, 51 Commons)

Expansion Code: HML
Languages: English, French, German. Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  Set overview: While Fallen Empires was overproduced and under-
received. it did have a number of powerful tournament cards in the
Common slot, but Homelands is long considered the worst Magic set ever
printed. Unexciting, underpowered, and lacking in cohesive flavor — this
was the low point for Magic sets. Thankfully, things only improved from
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