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Magic: The Adept’s Addendum: Keywords and Abilities


Magic is always changing, every new expert
level expansion bloc contains new keywords and
abilities and it can be challenging to keep up
with all of the new terminology. Here you will
?nd a list of past and present keywords with
their meanings and notes about how they
function in-game, as well as de?nitions for some
of the common language in the game. Use the
in-line links to fully explore each term and how
it relates to others. This publication will be
updated regularly to include the latest features
of the game within a short time of each new

There may be some information in this
section that you don’t already know, but will
need in order to fully understand the rest of this
book. Take a few minutes to read through how
the rest of the Adept’s Addendum is arranged
and notated.

There are a number of ways a keyword can
apply its effect to gameplay. The way the ability
occurs can be important when you’re playing
a combo or when another player is trying
to counter your play. For example; a spell that
can only counter an activated ability has no
effect on triggered abilities. These distinctions
are not always made clear by the rules text of a
card, but they are important to note. The
categories of effects and abilities include, but
are not limited
to: Activated, Triggered, m, m
M, Discard and Replacement.

There are a lot of phrases and terms in use
by the Magic community that new players

probably will not understand at ?rst, so you’ll
see a good number of words that are not
keywords. These include terms from a variety of
topics including card types, phases of the

turn, zones, traits,and many more. Non
keywords have none of the abbreviations

(M, M, EG, KW, etc.) associated with
keyword categorization.


Abbreviations appear at the beginning of
most of the de?nitions in this book. The
following list describes these categories and how
they appear along with links to their de?nitions.
There is also a link at the end of each de?nition
to return to this section.

Act – Keyword Actions
See de?nitions section.

AW – Ability Words
See de?nitions section

CIP – Comes Into Play
See de?nitions section.

Combat (offense and / or defense) – If
an ability is only useful on one side of combat
(see w) it will be included in the notes at the
beginning of the de?nition. If the ability is
useful on either side it will simply be noted as a
combat ability. Some abilities are defensive but
they are not strictly combat abilities (such as
hexproof and shroud) these have mostly been
left without any kind of combat notation
because their effects extend far beyond the

combat phase.
ETB – Enters the Battle?eld

See de?nitions section.
Grave – See de?nitions section.

Replacement – See de?nitions section.
SBA – State-Based Actions

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