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Magic the Gathering

See de?nitions section.

Static – See de?nitions section.

As always, I have used my own wording
whenever possible to make these concepts as
clear as possible. Due to the exacting nature of
the rules of the game this is not always possible.
For the most concise rules I recommend viewing
Wizard’s of?cial documentation online at
www.wizards.com/ Magic/ rules.


Ability words (AW) – Ability words are
used to describe a rule or condition that appears
on multiple cards, and just like keyword
abilities, it would take up too much space in
the rules text to fully explain the ability, so a
keyword exists. Ability words are not activated
or triggered in the same sense as abilities and
they can not be countered by actions that would
counter an activated ability or a triggered
ability. Rather, they describe a condition
(see battalion and m) that is created by other
game actions. Ability words describe the
necessary state for certain triggered and
activated abilities to occur in. Return to

Absorb X (Defense) – Whenever a creature

with absorb would receive damage, X damage is
prevented. If the creature has absorb 2, and
both three damage from a spell and three
damage from combat are assigned to it, it will
actually take only one damage from each source.
Act – This is an Addendum category
abbreviation for Keyword Actions. Keyword
Actions are not abilities, per se, but they do
appear as keywords. They each have a well-

de?ned result and are recognizable as m.
Return to Categories.

Activated – Activated abilities occur
whenever the activation cost has been paid.
Activated abilities always separate the cost from
the effect with a colon (:). The entire cost must
be paid each time, so an ability that requires a
creature to tap would normally only be playable
once per turn. Activated is a category of ability.
Back to m.

Af?nity (?) – A card with af?nity for a
certain type costs X less colorless mana to cast
for each p_ermanent of the type named. For
example, if you have three artifacts on the
battle?eld and you are casting a spell with
af?nity for artifacts, the casting cost of the
af?nity spell is reduced by three colorless mana.

Aggro – The ‘A’ in B.R.E.A.D. Aggro is
gamer slang for aggression. Generally it includes
anything that deals damage, though in this case
it is the category of preferred dealers of damage
(based on M). It can also be used to describe
the cards that will ‘draw aggro’, the ones that are
such obvious threats to your opponents that
their presence may mask another threat. A bear
is aggro, a bear with ?rst-strike is more aggro, a
bear with ?rst strike and deathtouch is going to
draw aggro before the others.

All -The use of the word “all” in a card’s
rules text implies that the card will effect
everything in the game that has the named trait,
for example, “all creatures”. Using the words ‘all’
or ‘M’ in the rules text allows cards to effect
game objects without targeting them, regardless
of any protection they may have. For example, a
white card that destroys all creatures will place a
destroy effect on every creature in play, even
creatures with protection from white, hexproof,

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