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mtg proxies for tournament play

  1. Websiteguys MTG proxies Brief Introductoin:
    Click this link, to view what MTG high quality cards we can proxy, total 12 Preset lists,

    and if buyer wanna build his own list. click below link,
  2. Click this link, to find out our MTG price details.
  3. WebSiteGuys MTG cards video demo link:
  4. Websiteguys MTG cards Photos Link:
  5. How to Contact the seller ?
    Shoot email to websiteguys@outlook.com 
    or click the downright corner, to chat with us online by (Instant Messages)
  6. About “How to Place an Order”
    WSG(websiteguys) order instructions: 3 Steps
    Step 1: Choose Cards, Sets, and Shipping, with the excel:
    our google excel spreadsheet file contains both preset lists and customizable single cards list and price, check here
    Please click this link, log into your google account, then you are able to download it then edit it,
    You just need to write down the numbers at “number” column,
    Please send back to me by email attachment after fill in the excel. (websiteguys@outlook.com)

    If you don’t understand, please shoot email to websiteguys@outlook.com

  7. Customers Feedback / Buyers Review Zone, and your potential feedback will be sincerely appreciated !
  8. For other information, if you are intersted to know more, you could check this link:
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