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Release Date: 10/12/98
Set Size: 350 Cards (110 Rares, 110 Uncommons, 110 Commons, 20 Basic
Expansion Symbol: ◎◎
Expansion Code: USG
Languages: Chinese-S, Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
  Set overview: If Fallen Empires and Homelands were the far end of
the under-powered scale, Urza's Block ended up being the diametric
opposite — extremely overpowered! Saga, Legacy, and Destiny are known
for harboring in Combo Winter, a time when decks could use
combinations of cards to regularly win on turns two or three (typically, a
"good'' format doesn't have decks that can kill regularly before turn five or
six). Several cards from this set were banned in tournament play. Urza's
Saga might have the highest ratio of good cards of any printed Magic set
outside of Alpha/Beta/Unlimited.
  Key cards include Gaea's Cradle, Yawgmoth's Will, and Time Spiral —
but there are a ton of good cards in this set!

Urza^s Saga Rare

Release Date: 2/15/99
Set Size: 143 Cards (44 Rares, 44 Uncommons, 55 Commons)
Expansion Symbol:・軌■
Expansion Code: ULG
Languages: Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Portuguese, Spanish
  Set overview: The first set to feature foil cards. For this set only, there
were no Chinese foil cards (instead, Japanese foil cards were put in
Chinese packs). After this set, foil cards were produced in whatever
language the set was printed in. Key cards include Grim Monolith and
Urza's Legacy, Grim Monolith, Rare, $1,200 foil; $150 non-foil.

Foil Cards

Urza's Legacy introduced the foil card to booster packs. These cards were
metallically-foiled versions of cards that were in the set. They appeared
one eveiy few packs (usually taking the place of a Common), with usually
one Rare foil appearing per booster box. Foil cards are usually worth twice
a non-foil version, if both a foil and non-foil version exist. Highly desired
foils have a much higher multiplier.

NOTE: Wizards tested out foil Promotional cards using some 6th Edition
cards (notably Enlightened Tutor) and the Urza's Saga prerelease card
(Lightning Dragon). If you have a foil card with an expansion symbol prior
to Urza's Legacy, chances are it s a Promotional card.

Urza's Legacy Common

CARD              NON-FOIL FOIL 
About Face        So. 15   S0.50
Angelic Curator   S0.15    S1.50
Aura Flux         S0.50    S5   
Bouncing Beebles  S0.15    Si   
Burst of Energy   So. 15   S0.50
Cessation         S0.15    Si   
Cloud of Faeries  S0.75    S15  
Crop Rotation     S3       S180 
Defender of Chaos So. 15   S0.50
Defender of Law   S0.15    S0.50
Devout Harpist    So. 15   S0.75
Erase             S0.25    S3   
Expendable Troops    S0.15 S0.50
Fog of Gnats         S0.15 S0.75
Frantic Search       S1.50 S35  
Ghitu Slinger        S0.15 S2   
Giant Cockroach      S0.15 SO.5O
Goblin Medics        S0.15 SO.5O
Granite Grip         S0.15 $0.50
Intervene            S0.15 s-   
Iron Will            S0.15 S0.50
Lava Axe             S0.15 S0.50
Miscalculation       S0.50 S25  
Multanis Acolyte     S0.15 $1.50
Opal Champion        S0.15 S0.50
Ostracize            S0.15 Si   
Parch                S0.15 S0.50
Phyrexian Broodlings S0.15 S0.50
Phyrexian Debaser    S0.15 S0.50
Phyrexian Denouncer  S0.15 S0.50
Plague Beetle        S0.15 $0.50
Pygmy Pyrosaur       S0.15 S0.50
Radiants Judgment    S0.15 Si   
Rancor               S2.50 S18  
Repopulate           S0.15 S2   
Sick and Tired       S0.15 SO.5O
Silk Net             S0.15 SO.5O
Simian Grunts        S0.15 Si   
Sleeper's Guile      S0.15 $0.50
Slow Motion          S0.15 Si   
Sluggishness         S0.15 S0.50
Snap                 S1.50 S15  
Swat                 S0.15 S0.50
Thornwind Faeries    S0.15 S2   
Tragic Poet          S0.15 Si   
Treefolk Mystic      S0.15 S0.50
Unearth              S1.50 $12  
Viashino Bey         S0.15 S0.50
fiashino Sandscout   S0.15 S0.50
Vigilant Drake       S0.15 S0.50
Weatherseed Elf      S0.15 S0.50
Weatherseed Faeries  S0.15 S1.50
    Urza's Legacy, Palinchron, Rare, $400 foil; $5° n°n・foil・


Release Date: 6/7/99
Set Size: 143 Cards (44 Rares, 44 Uncommons, 55 Commons)

Expansion Symbol:
Expansion Code: UDS
Languages: Chinese-T, English, French, German, Italian. Japanese,
Portuguese, Spanish
  Set overview: The last set to have cards included on the Reserve List.
Key cards include Academy Rector and Metalworker.
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