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What makes a good card to add to your deck? (magic the gathering proxy mtg cards)

     Up until this point, we've only talked about the generalities of
building a good deck. What we haven't shared with you is how to decide
what makes a good card to add to your deck.

     In order to really be a great player, you need to understand that all
Magic the Gathering cards have a greater or lesser value depending on the
type of deck that you are playing with or against.

     A card may have an amazing ability when used in one type of deck but
could be completely worthless if included in another type of deck.

     For example, Knight of Infamy has incredible value when played
against a deck that is centered around the color white. This creature is a
2/1 that has protection against white (it can't be blocked, targeted, dealt
damage, or enchanted by anything white.) However, if you are placing
against a deck that only has blue and black creatures, this protection
becomes worthless.


                        Knightof Infamy

Creature — Human Knight

一 Peter Mohrbacher

                                   Protection from white (This creature
                                  can 7 be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, or
                                  enchanted by anything white.)
                                   Exalted (Whatever a creature you control
                                  attacks alone, that creature gets +//+/ until
                                  end of turn.)

laws, like your bones, vxre made to be
broken*'                          _____

    Another example is Aerial Predation. This instant card allows you to
destroy any target creature with fixing and gain 2 life. This combination of
effects seems powerful, but if it's played against a deck that has no flying
creatures, it s worthless.
     As you can see, a good card can be somewhat subjective. In the
previous two examples, each card did have powerful characteristics, but
only if played against the right deck.

     Our goal with this chapter is to reveal ways in which you can assess a
card's true value in the game. While cards don't have an absolute scale of
goodness, some cards are definitely better than others. By asking yourself
a few simple questions you'll be able to determine if a card is actually
worth putting in your deck or not.

    Does the creature have an added ability⁷? Is it useful in your

    We can figure out which creatures are better than others to include in
your deck by comparing them to equivalent cards.

    For example, let's look at these two cards: Suntail Hawk and Doomed
Traveler. Both creatures cost one white mana to cast and have
power/toughness of 1/1.
Suntail Hawk has an added ability of flying.

Suntail Hawk

(Creature — Bird

                           Flying (This creature can 7 be blocked
                           except by creatures with flying or
                           Its eye the glaring sunₜ its cry the
                           keening wind.

^-Heather Hudson
                                     * & C I^9>-20O7 Wizards oCthc Com. tnc.

     Doomed Traveler this added ability: when Doomed Ti'aveler dies,
put a 1/1 white spirit creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

     You would benefit greater by adding Doomed Traveler instead of
Suntail Hawk to your deck. Why? Because, Doomed Traveler is a two for
one creature. It only costs one mana to cast, but when it dies you get a free

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