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Where can I buy MTG Magic the Gathering cards?

Where can I buy MTG Magic the Gathering cards?

To buy magic the gathering cards, you have 2 ways. 1 is trading face to face, the other is online purchase. Mostly you can buy MTG cards in these ways below:

1. community trading. if you’re in a MTG community, it’s very easy for you to get information from other players. Sometimes, you can even get a discount price if you have a great relationship with the seller. inside trading is always the most efficient way for this, you can even offer a price just after a combat with the other player.


2. buy from a board game store, or club. most of these places, sells magic the gathering cards by packs, or boxes. and some regular player, may have there card left there for sell. sometimes, you may find great surprise in a corner.


3. Online community. some online community, like Wizards.com official website, iplaymtg.com, here some members will trade there own cards for new cards, or some money.

4. buy on Amazon, eBay, cardkingdom, mtgfanatic, cardshark, these are all trustworthy online store with good reputation….
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