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Which Magic the Gathering Cards should a starter (new player) buy?

Many friends may have interest in Magic the Gathering (MTG) for a long time, and want to learn how to play and get involve with it. But they do not know how to start. Here let’s try to see which cards a new player should buy.



Intro Pack
Every core set has Intro Pack for new players, usually it contains 1 instructions/table cover, 1 extension pack, 1 complete cards set, it’s very good for players who just start playing Magic the Gathering. 1 cards combo which contains 60 cards with different rareness, based on the basic principle of Magic the Gathering deck building theory.


Expansion Pack
Some players is not easily satisfied with only starter pack, with the fixed unchangeable cards inside. They want to make there own deck. Then, you can go to a card store, ask for extension pack. You will own your armory. Each extension set has 15 random cards. By gathering more and more cards, you will build your own army. Sometimes if you find out certain cards are not what you need, you can trade with other players for those cards you want.
Every 3 to 4 month, new extension set will launch. Most cards we player with are from these extension pack. Every new extension set brings new method and possibilities, which keeps the game exciting.



Fat Pack
It’s a promotion price for expansion packs. Usually it contains 9 expansion packs, 1 huge card hold box. English only.



Classic Collection set
Some classic cards will launch occasionally, special design for collection. These cards can also be used in tournament or playing with other players.

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